The most engaging and interactive way to connect local buyers and sellers

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Discovering local deals has never been easier or more fun

Find affordable and custom goods sold by vendors down the street or across the country.


All you need and more in the palm of your hand


Just snap a photo of your item and Vëndr will automatically create titles and categorize your goods.

Machine learning

Vëndr learns and understands your preferences to curate items that likely match your style.


You can trust in the quality and security of your purchase. Each vendor is verified through user reviews and our authentication process.

Advanced A.I.

Vëndr’s Artificial Intelligence helps unlock hidden gems for shoppers and attract new customers for businesses.

With our rich data, businesses keep a pulse of their customers’ preferences

In addition to showing you your most popular items, we’ll also discern the exact qualities, colors, patterns and features that your customers are looking for.